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All life is built on the DNA. The double helix structure of DNA & RNA are built from base components called nucleotides. As plants metabolize and grow, they need these small bits of raw materials to express their genetic potential.

Normally plants (and microbes) have to spend precious energy manufacturing nucleotides by breaking down material in the growing media. By providing raw pre-decomposed nucleotides you can accelerate plant growth and increase metabolism. The plant can focus its energy on growing strong fibers, producing aromatic oils and fighting off pests and disease.

Additionally, there are high levels of L-amino acids, which are the building blocks of plant structure, essential oils and other compounds made within the plant. L-amino acids also help increase mineral absorption by chelating free ions.

HELIX Boost is base genetic material--nucleotides--to give the plant readily available building blocks for rapid cell replication. It is all organic and natural with no PGRs or high P/K inputs. HELIX Boost compatible with microbes and any fertilizer protocol.

HELIX Boost is designed for bloom phase to produce higher oil, flavor and aromatics but may also be used during growth phase to speed up growth and vigor.

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